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A super sports tire with ultra high-speed capabilities (over 300 km/h) for super cars. Flagship of the ADVAN series tires. ADVAN Sport offers balance at high level, giving not only sporty performance, but also excellent characteristics on wet pavement, a good ride, low noise, and so on. Ideal for performance cars, from high-powered saloons to tuned cars.

Pattern No:V103

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A high-grip compound created through joint development with super sports cars.
  The new compound developed for ADVAN Sport was tested many times under hypervelocity conditions, and is the ultimate model by Yokohama. This high-grip rubber ensures both pliability and strength.  
Compound for existing products by our company
Compound for ADVAN Sport

The state-of-the-art technology that was used to cause the chemical reaction between polymer and silica is what derived such a high performance.
  A compound is usually made by compounding polymer and silica. However, Yokohama Rubber succeeded in creating a compound of higher performance by bringing about a "chemical reaction" when compounding polymer and silica.  
High heat resistance and a strong grip. A type of rubber with less temperature dependency was newly developed.
  Tread temperature heightens during high-load, high-velocity cruising. If the temperature level reaches an extreme limit, the tire may destabilize due to the heat, causing deterioration in the tire's grip. Thus, Yokohama Rubber, with its original technology, developed a compound that makes "the grip less susceptible to heat."  
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  1. A compound that was developed in conjunction with super sports car.

    This compound was exclusively developed for hypervelocity cruising and ensures a higher grip.

  2. A compound with less temperature dependency.

    The compound maintained its grip at a high level by holding down the variation in the perfor-mance at different temperatures, from low temperatures to high temperatures.

  3. Securing a strong grip even on wet surfaces.

    By dispersing silica more equally and improving the pliability of rubber, the compound ensures a strong grip on wet surfaces as well.
"Innovation" is our tradition. The asymmetry pattern of ADVAN is still progressing.
  The asymmetry pattern, which is ADVAN tradition, is proof of its place in the history of sports tire. You can actually feel it when you witness its outstanding drivability.  
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Asymmetry pattern

A highly rigid rib design is adopted for the outer side, while ribs and blocks are aligned to optimally focus on handling, braking distance and noise reduction.

Variable round grooves

These are original grooves that were cut in a round shape with different widths and angles. They prevent one-sided abrasion and ensure high performance on wet surfaces.

Grooves within grooves

"Grooves within grooves" are finely cut in the wall of the four main grooves. They improve handling performance and abrasion resistance.

Optimal design of groove ends

By controlling groove ends, handling performance, abrasion resistance and noise reduction are all kept in good balance.

Dimples and sipes

Optimal alignment of dimples and sipes ensures a stronger heat liberation effect and higher performance on wet surfaces.

Construction is durable for high-speed driving, and ensures stability in high-powered sports cars.
  ADVAN Sport, designed for high-speed driving, accurately simulates the loading stress on tires during the drive. It accomplished a high resistance by incorporating various technologies.  
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Round profile durable for high-speed driving

After analyzing the state of energy used during high-speed drives, a tire form that exhibits smaller loss was newly developed. It transmits power to the road surface most efficiently.

Jointless triple-edge cover

Adopting a seamless belt cover improved the rigidity of the tire. It provides secure handling even during high-speed cruising.

Overlap jointless winding system

Durability was improved by overlapping the cover edge. This construction achieves high stability in hypervelocity driving.

Rayon carcass material

Rayon has low dependency on temperature and it hardly alters the characteristic of the carcass. Thus, driving comfort is improved by using rayon for the carcass.